An artist has the mission to communicate with his/her community, connect and contribute with it in many ways, that’s how the circle is completed. I’m talking about the circle that takes place between the artist and the viewer, in which none of the 2 seems to live well without the other. Such feedback appears to have been happening in our lives since time immemorial, proving how necessary art is for our species.

The fact that I decided to give myself to my true vocation at the age of 36, and in a totally self-taught way, has pushed me to move forward pretty fast, basically because the time I had to reach “any port” was much less than if I had decided to do it at the beginning of my professional career. Between my so-many-things-to-learn process and all private/professional commissions, it has been difficult for me to focus on my own purposes, but I do not delay it any longer and I go ahead by taking up one of the most important of all my community projects: Naturayarte. Designed to spread the Leaf art and research on alternative and sustainable ways to connect with nature, and to help ourselves.

When I started to cut leaves I knew for sure that Nature would be the true protagonist of my work, but I did not just want to reflect it in my art pieces, I wanted to do something for her, for us. I’m very thankful for the good reception my work has experienced since the very beginning, but now it’s time to step forward. Naturayarte is meant to be an association that gives the opportunity to collaborate with our community to all those who want to get involved in its existence, counting on other artist’s collaboration as well. In this moment, with the great reach of the Internet, that community has become much bigger than it was only a few decades ago, that’s why I’m talking to all of you about it, wherever you are. Once this project is working, surely we’ll find thousands of ways to do something for others and for our environment, either from the same city where Naturayarte would be physically located as from any other point on the planet.

Naturayarte is now a baby project, which counts with the collaboration of 3 persons for its legal constitution and start-up, but it aims to grow and reach as many people as possible, both in the physical and virtual world. To start giving a more defined form to this project it is necessary to take some steps that involve physical, mental and economic effort; hence your collaboration is vital. Any idea, action or monetary contribution that supports this cause will be welcome. We commit to keep you updated on every step, project, achievement or stumbling rock that Naturayarte finds on its way.


Thanks for anything you decide to do with this; it will surely help us in one way or another.


Best regards,