Here are some examples of how the artist's work has been used for Ad campaigns, Logos, book / album covers, etc. If you have a project in which you would like Lorenzo to develop this kind of design work for it, you just have to contact him and explain what you want, or send him an image of the design you are thinking of (a photograph, a pencil sketch, etc.), and he will get back to you as soon as possible.


(In the Commissions section you may see other examples of custom works, made for private clients)


Design Book: 50 city stories explored - UK

Custom work made for the agency Wardour to be used on the cover of the ARUP Design Book. Design cut on a fresh leaf.

Finanziamenti BNL green - Italy

Ad campaign.


Project made for the agency Klein & Russo and BNL.

Americas Latino Festival - Denver/Boulder, Colorado, USA.

Designs created for the first edition of this event.

The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens - Israel


Ad campaign.


My work was the inspiration for the campaign carried out by Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation, in which they called people to plant trees, arguing that "Every leaf compensates CO2". The 3 pieces used for this campaign are not actual Leaf Cutting artworks, they are designs created by computer.

YKS, Brazil.

Logo for the company.

against deforestation, IN BRAZIL.

Ad campaign.


Work done for Leonardo Parnes.

Crown (USA) - Psychedelic Blues Rock band

Designs used for the cover of the following album and some supporting material (2011).

DDB China

Ad campaign.


For environmental campaign (2011).