2015 - Design Book: 50 city stories explored - UK

Custom work made for the agency Wardour to be used on the cover of the ARUP Design Book. Design cut on a fresh leaf.

2014 - Finanziamenti BNL green - Italy

Project made for the agency Klein & Russo.

(Video in Spanish and Italian)

My work consisted on cutting the 3 designs chosen for the campaign, on fresh leaves.

2013 - Americas Latino Festival - Denver/Boulder, Colorado, USA.

2012 - The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens - Israel

2012 - Plant-for-the-planet

Ad campaign.


They let me know that my work had been the inspiration for a campaign carried out by Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation, in which they called people to plant trees, arguing that "Every leaf compensates CO2". The 3 pieces used for this campaign are not actual Leaf Cutting artworks, they are designs created by computer.

2011 - YKS, Brazil.

Logo for the company.

2011 - Crown (USA) - Psychedelic Blues Rock band

Designs used for the cover of the following album and some supporting material.

2011 - DDB China

For environmental campaign.

2011 - Campaign in Brazil against deforestation.

Work done for: Leonardo Parnes.

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