To explain what has led me to work mainly with such unconventional support as a vegetable leaf, I have to talk about the context in which inspiration and personal crisis allied to become a tool that allows me to reflect what we do with Nature and with ourselves. In this process I find two main exploration pathways: the leaf as a symbol of the ecological environment, and as a reflection of our own duality.


On the one hand, the leaf is an important element in Nature and I find it an ideal medium to express my thoughts related to the current environmental situation. On the other hand, for me this natural element represents one of our primary dualities: light and shadow. A leaf is usually a layer where one side looks towards the light and the other is hidden in the shadow. According to analytical psychology the human shadow is that part of the being where we hide what we do not like about us, and it is precisely in this field that I reflect and try to find out the reasons behind our fears and suffering.


Lorenzo M. Durán


Lorenzo Manuel Durán Silva (Cáceres, Spain, 1969) has grown and lived between Düsseldorf (Germany), Madrid and Guadalajara (Spain), province where he has lived since 2004. He studied Technical Drawing but worked in very different jobs afterwards, staying for a long time as a construction worker, dealing with what they call vertical or rope access work.

At age 36, Lorenzo M. Durán found out that he had left aside two of his true passions: art and nature. His awareness came one day, in 2005, when unemployment appeared in his path, providing him with lots of time to think about what he wanted to do with the rest of his life, and then he began living an existential metamorphosis which has turned him into a man who is increasingly aware of his inside, his shadow, and who attempts to communicate with all of that by using his personal tools, in a creative field.

Once Lorenzo took this path he decided to start by the classic Oil on canvas, from which he never entirely separates, but he would get a new inspiration later on, when a caterpillar eating a leaf would give him the idea of changing the canvases by plant leaves. That opened a world of possibilities that the artist has been exploring since then.

Failing to find information about "leaf cutting art", back in 2006-2008, Lorenzo developed his own technique for doing it, going through a long trial-and-error process until he found a good way of cutting his designs so that they could be framed and preserved for several years, as any other work of art.



2017-2018. Cut up/Cut out. Huntsville Museum of Art, AL. Group exhibition – USA


2017. Cut up/Cut out. Bellevue Arts Museum, WA. Group exhibition – USA


2016-2017. Cut up/Cut out. Bedford Gallery, Wallnut Creek, CA. Group exhibition – USA


2016. Enough to Swear By. Morlan Gallery-Transylvania University, Lexington, KY. Group exhibition – USA


2016. IV Americas Latino Eco Festival. McNichols Civic Center, Denver, CO. Group exhibition – USA


2015. Only Unusual. ONLY ART CLUB Gallery, Hamburg. Group exhibition - Germany


2014-2015. Branching Out: Trees as Art. The Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, Massachusetts. Group exhibition – USA

2014. Exile: A Living of Forest. ONCA Gallery, Brighton. Group exhibition – UK
2014. Butterflies. Berkshire Museum, Massachusetts. Group exhibition – USA
2014. The Skull Show. Bedford Gallery, California. Group exhibition – USA
2014. Dynamite Gallery, Brighton. Group exhibition – UK
2014. Soplo de Esperanza  / Breath of hope. Americas Latino Festival at University of Colorado Museum of Natural History, Boulder, CO. Solo exhibition – USA
2013. Exposición de Otoño. La Demba Arte-Hotel & Restaurante, Abizanda, Huesca. Solo exhibition – Spain
2013. QR Art Lab, FESCIGU 2013. Auditorio Buero Vallejo, Guadalajara. Live demo and group exhibition – Spain 
2013. Art Berkhout. Berkhouter Kert. Group exhibition – Netherlands

2012-2013. Leaf. The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens. Solo exhibition – Israel

2012. Mono no aware. Bo Lee Gallery, Bath. Group exhibition – UK

2011.  Treebus, 2 International Ecoart Festival, Cuenca. Group Exhibition – Spain


2006.  IX Concurso Fermín Santos. Sigüenza, Guadalajara. Group Exhibition – Spain



Public and private collections


2014. "Lazos" (leaf cutting). The Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, Massachusetts – USA

2014. "El nudo de la vida" (leaf cutting). MacS, Museo Arte Contemporanea Sicilia – Italy


2008. "Entre cielo y tierra" (oil painting). Museu Europeu d'Art Modern, MEAM – Spain



Commissions (selection)


2015. Wardour Communications Ltd, front and back covers of “Arup Design Book” – UK

2014. Klein & Russo, campaign “Finanziamenti BNL green” for Banca Nazionale del Lavoro – Italy

2013. Americas Latino Eco-Festival, Denver/Boulder, Colorado – USA

2012. The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens – Israel

2011. Company Logo for YKS – Brazil

2011. Crown, Psychedelic Blues Rock band – USA

2011. Leonardo Parnes. Campaign against deforestation – Brazil

2010. DDB Shanghai. Environmental campaign – China




2015. Arup Design Book. Published by Wardour Communications Ltd. Cover and back of the book – UK


2015. Smallest Leaf, A collection of poetry, by Lisa Toth Salinas. Cover of the book – USA


2015. Plant Kingdom. Book published by SendPoints Publishing Co.,Ltd – China


2014. Calendar 2015 for McLeod Russel. Published and designed by Mophysis Communications – India


2014. Big Art / Small Art. Book published by Thames and Hudson Ltd – UK



Competitions and Awards


2016 - Nuestra Cultura Award (Nuestra Familia ALEF Awards). IV Americas Latino Eco Festival, Denver, CO. USA


2009. Figurativas '09. IV Concurso de Pintura y Escultura de la "Fundacion de les Arts i els Artistes", Madrid - Spain

2008. Figurativas '08. III Concurso de Pintura y Escultura de la "Fundacion de les Arts i els Artistes", Madrid.  Pre-selected and acquisition of work for the "Museu Europeu d'Art Modern, MEAM" (European Museum of Modern Art) - Spain
2007. Figurativas '07. II Concurso de Pintura y Escultura de la "Fundacion de les Arts i els Artistes", Madrid – Spain 

2006.  Concurso de Cartel “Cuenta Cuentos”, Guadalajara – Spain

2006.  IX Concurso Fermín Santos. Sigüenza, Guadalajara, Selected. Group Exhibition – Spain


1996.   Concurso de Comics. Tolosa, Guipúzcoa. Publication – Spain 

1980.   Concurso Pintura Callejera. Ayuntamiento de Tetuán, Madrid.  2nd prize – Spain 

1977.   Concurso Infantil Pintura Callejera. Düsseldorf. 1st prize – Germany



1989 - FP2 Delineación (Technical drawing). IES Virgen de la Paloma. Madrid.