As part of our journey towards consolidationg Naturayarte we’ve thought of launching this blog, just to keep you updated on each step we take.  Naturayarte is an initiative that emerged some years ago. Now we take a step forward in order to achieve its main objectives:

  • Promote Leaf Art.
  • Research on sustainable ways of using leaves and other natural elements to produce alternative materials, taking the circular economy model as our fundamental guidance.
  • Connect with Nature through Art.

Those are the big goals, but a good plan is necessary to reach them. A good plan must include a good definition of the smaller objectives, those which are essential in any pathway that we take if we really want to get somewhere. Now, our small objectives are to legally constitute the Association and start up with the agenda of projects, activities and any other articulation needed to make it happen. With our support it is possible to activate a reciprocal relationship with the Earth, in which we make something for her and she makes something for us. Will you join us?


We'll be posting every new step to take, so keep tuned!


You may follow the agenda updates here