A little history


Today we will talk about the name chosen for this project. About a decade ago Lorenzo was clear that Nature would be very present in his work, but soon he realized that he not only wanted to reflect it on his artwork but go beyond, he wanted to do something more associative, with other people, other artists… and during a brain storm caused by the question “what name would we give it?” the word Naturayarte (Nature & Art, in Spanish) came up. Around 2010 Lorenzo’s work began to experience a more international diffusion thanks to his leaf cutting art, and that’s when the name chosen for this organization started circulating on the Internet and other means of communication.


We fervently believe that human beings in isolation make less progress than when joining others, but we also believe that such network advances more if it is established on a reciprocal collaboration basis, where everyone does what he/she is best at, or likes the most, or is more enthusiastic about. If you want to collaborate with this initiative and you have any idea or you think you can contribute with it somehow, let us know and we’ll keep on talking about it.

Have a nice day!