Chapter II. LEAF CUTTING (2008-2014)

And all of the sudden, I saw a caterpillar eating a leaf and that small animal gave me the idea of cutting the leaves as it had been done with paper for so long; so, I studied that other technique first, until I developed my own "leaf cutting art" using a surgical scalpel. And here are the first pieces that I managed to finish.

FIRST STAGE (2008-2009)


A little bit more skilled in cutting with a scalpel, I begin developing new designs.



THIRD STAGE (2011-2012)

This was a particularly fruitful period in cutting vegetable leaves, through which I have come to this stage where I'm starting to get more from inside myself.






CURRENT STAGE (2013-2014)

It seems to be that all experimental techniques are doomed to the classic "trial and error", so while developing my own way of cutting leaves with a scalpel, I started making lots of designs I had always liked, but now I go further, I start getting more out of myself, and here are some results of that introspection.

Collection - Emotions